Shri Maheshwari sarees are the best Ilkal saree manufacturer in Ilkal, Bagalkot. Weaving of Ilkal sarees is mostly an indoor activity. It is essentially a household enterprise involving active participation of female members. To weave one saree with the help of the hand loom, it takes about 7 days. We can weave it with the help of the powerloom also. Ilkal traditional sarees are produced mainly on pit looms with the combination of three types of different yarns namely Silk x Silk, Silk x Cotton, Art silk x Cotton. 

Along with the above said yarn combination totally four different traditional designs are produced – they are Chikki Paras, Gomi, Jari and recently modified traditional design GayathriThese sarees are produced in different lengths 6.00 yards, 8.00 yards, and 9.00 yards with solid as well as contrast borders. The main distinction in these sarees is its attached temple type Pallav (locally called as TOPE TENI) by interlocking body warp and pallav warp using loop system and inserting weft by three shuttles using two different colors yarn by Kondi technique.

Shri Maheshwari Saree


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